All Good Things Come To An End…

The idea of this blog came out of a business idea which I never had time or balls to realise. Similar ideas are cropping up around Europe and US. The main idea was not business however but rather sharing my vision, version of London with likely minded people. Going out together and seeing what this city has got to offer.

And it’s got a lot. London is a beautiful creature. One can spend their lifetime getting to know London and to never be actually quite done. This is probably what’s attracting so many people to it.

Anyway. I have left the UK. The decision has been brewing in me for a while. My corporate job was keeping me busy but also making my life monotonous. I have escaped my job and realised I am a nomad by nature and can’t stay in one place for too long.

So I moved to a beautiful fishing village of Volendam in the Netherlands. And I am starting a new blog which will be dedicated to happiness because this is what I want to focus on this year, not higher income or promotion or any other artificial goals.

I plan to write – I have started my first script based on my sci fi novel, I plan to find a job that makes a difference, I plan to get to know the Netherlands – so far the country looks beautiful and very welcoming. And I will keep you posted on all this on my new blog.

Thanks for liking and following my posts and see you on the new blog!Image

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Insects, The Book of Mormon And The Curious Incident Of The Boy Who Wore His Coat In The Bath

There are several cool events going on London.

Exploring the Deliciousness of Insects at the Wellcome Collection on April 30 and May 1.
This event has now sold out, but I think they might repeat it due to high demand, so worth keeping an eye on Wellcome Collection’s blog.

Hit musical The Book of Mormon breaks Broadway and West End record by selling £2.1m of tickets in one day. This show has been on my radar before – interesting story and unusual creators, this is definitely a must see.

The curious incident of the boy who wore his coat in the bath: The ‘bewildering and occasionally terrifying’ experience of raising an autistic son. Seems like an interesting play for those who are interested in the workings of the human brain.

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The National Absinthe Day

So I am being told today is the National Absinthe Day? (thanks, Tea Time in Wonderland, for the info!) There is even a Facebook page dedicated to the occasion.

Perfect, I hear you say. Just what we need for spring! 🙂

Very much in line with this very interesting information is this blog post on where to experience the best of the potion in London. I found this list quite intriguing and already plan to check out one of the places. 

Drink responsibly, my friends, and stay safe.



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Night of Adventure, Real Adventure

If you are not familiar with Escape The City, you are probably not the City/ corporate employee, and happy in your job. I escaped recently, but it took more than a year of following Esc, using their brilliant inspirational resources, events and advice. I recommend you check them out if you are plotting an escape or not.

After securing a healthy crowdfunded investment, they are going full steam ahead and are venturing into education and adventures, to add to escape opportunities. Through them, I found out about this amazing (or so it sounds!!) forthcoming event, Night of Adventure on March 11. It sounds very, very good.

What better way to get introduced to London, than meet its adventurers! This is yet another way to experience London I Know. See you there!

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Dignity in Dying: Voices For Choice

If you did not know, UK is kind of behind on the whole assisted dying issue. The problem is it’s not allowed. There are loud cases all the time, with unfortunate relatives having to bring their loved ones who want to die to Switzerland and alike. There is by the way a good British movie on the subject A Short Stay in Switzerland.

There is a number of celebrity advocates and an advocacy group trying to change the attitudes and laws on assisted dying in the UK, and they are hosting a literary event on April 30 in London – an evening of literature, poetry and spoken word, culminating in a Q&A with Sir Terry Pratchett & Rob Wilkins. 

I have been following Dignity in Dying for a while and believe that what they are doing is very important. I can not make it to the event myself but thought I’d share the info. Let me know how it goes…


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Spring in London! New Visitor, New Ideas

Ah, London! There is always something going on. And the sun is finally shining (literally as of now), and I’ve spotted the wonderful snowdrops by the local church, you can tell daffodils will follow shortly, and despite it still being freezing, you just know that spring is around the corner. It seems that the city itself is awakening from the long, dull and cold winter.

Warmer, dryer weather of course means more opportunities to go out and see the city.

I have another visitor coming, for a couple of days, and I want to plan several London I Know experiences. Vertigo 42 afternoon tea has been booked through Travelzoo, it was a good deal, so I am hoping for the view, if all else fails. On my list of other must do’s are a) the stunning Light Show at the Southbank, b) a mind blowing, by the look of it, show Siro-A at the Leicester Square Theatre, which I discovered through sequinsandcherryblossom, c) and an interesting place I discovered today, Thurloe Square in South Kensington, where next to each other are Casa Brindisa, Comptoir Libanais, The Kensington Creperie and Le Pain Quotidien. Technically I could spend a day feeding there 🙂 Very convenient for those who are visiting the NHM, V&A or the Science Museum, or those who have nothing to do 🙂

So the programme is filling up. I have another list of cool London I Know stuff to do, watch out for my next post!

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DJ Ospanoff (Kazakhstan) @ London’s Floripa Next Sunday

Universe works in mysterious ways. I just got excited about DJ Ospanoff’s announcement about his gig in London’s Floripa on March 10, when I saw TimeOut London’s list of top 5 London picks by a Spanish blogger, and Floripa is one of them! What…

So now I absolutely have to go, right.

DJ Ospanoff is massively popular in Kazakhstan for his jazzy, summery tunes, and is quickly gaining international recognition. Floripa, located in East London, naturally, boasts some really nice Brazilian roasts and cocktails. It’s a match made in heaven…

Entrance is free, and unlike previous Ospanoff’s gig with Giles Peterson, which started at 10pm, this one starts at a more manageable 5pm. Which leaves me with one question only – who to go with!

Interested, anyone?



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