Checking out modern art at Saatchi Gallery

I like modern art. Good conceptual modern art, not the sort where you see one dot on white or an empty canvas, and this is supposed to mean something. The best modern art museum I’ve been to so far was in Madrid and I have not seen anything better since, but then maybe I’ve been to the wrong museums.

Recently I realized that I have not really been to any modern art museum in London *gasp*  One could of course argue that London, with its people, and fashion, and shops, and street art, and architecture (I mean new buildings) is like one gigantic modern art museum. True. I’ll be honest with you, a visit to a local branch of Paperchase feels more exciting than some modern art museums I’ve been to in other countries.

Tate Modern is the ultimate destination, though at the moment I am interested in Saatchi gallery. I’ve followed their blog for a while, and I like what they are doing. I also happen to work in the London Victoria area and I have realized I am only 5min walk away from Saatchi. This means no more excuses.

Admission is free to all exhibitions. Gallery is open from 10am to 6pm 7 days a week. Google Photography Prize looks interesting, and it’s only on until July 15.

So I am thinking heading there Thursday evening 4ish pm, right after work, walking from Victoria via Sloane Square (should be a good walk), and finally checking it out. Want to join?


Google Street photo exhibition intro

Google Street photo exhibition birds

Google Street photo exhibition cloths wind



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1 Response to Checking out modern art at Saatchi Gallery

  1. lolkin says:

    I finally made it to this gallery. It’s a 15min walk from the office/ Victoria station, through Belgravia, and it is a nice walk weather permitting. The Sloane Square is as nice as you expect it to be. We walked through the tiny, tucked away The Duke of York Square and ran into the largest Patisserie Valerie we saw in London and a good selection of boutique brand stores.

    We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny and nice, lots of people sitting outside of the surrounding cafes. Lots of places to eat, I noticed a little Lebanese restaurant at the corner (I love Lebanese food), and apparently every Saturday the nearby Partridges store hold the Food Market in the square.

    The Cadogan Hall is in this area too, which means I can wrap a concert at Cadogan and/or seeing an exhibition at Saatchi, plus grabbing a drink/ quick meal around the area into a 3 hour experience.

    I liked the Saatchi gallery itself, though I thought it was quite small. I saw the Google Street exhibition, I will upload the photos I liked the most into my post above. It took us just an hour to check out 2 exhibitions and explore the gift shop. How come the gift shops are often better than the galleries? 🙂 Same case here. Lots of funky and funny goodies. Probably can browse and buy online.

    Resuming, a nice, although small modern art gallery, definitely not a contender to the modern art museum of Madrid (Reina Sofia or MAM?). Great outside though, definitely a place to sit on the gallery bench outside or at the nearby cafe with a hot drink and a good book, and take in beautiful nature, architecture and the hustle of the city life. And let’s not forget a brilliant gift shop.

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