Philip Glass at 75 @ Barbican in December

Before I say anything, this event has nearly sold out. There are only a couple of balcony seats left. Which is not surprising, taking into account who Philip Glass is and also the location which is the amazing Barbican (another post on this later at some point). There are 2 events planned, mid December this year, both dedicated to the great composer’s 75th birthday.

I first heard about Glass in the context of the movie, Koyaanisqatsi, which if you have not seen, I strongly recommend you do but only if you are into arthouse cinema. Be prepared to be overwhelmed and not in the positive way. The music score, composed by Glass, is amazing and is a brilliant piece of art on its own, aside from the movie.

These 2 evenings probably will be absolutely amazing. Which makes me wonder when Barbican will launch live event streaming. They were planning to but I guess plans have changed… I can easily make a 3 hour experience out of visiting Barbican – there is just so much to see there and around, especially if you are into arthouse/ alternative (non mainstream) cinema, also if there is ever another Philip Glass event in London, book those tickets before you even ask!!


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