Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Food in London

I probably have not mentioned here yet that I am a native Russian speaker? I am however not from the Eastern Europe. Here is a bit of a puzzle for you… What this means is that if you happen to be into Russian/ Eastern European food (I am!), I probably have a good idea of where to head (have good memory of the experimental vodka cocktails in the Baltic Restaurant and also miss pierogi and proper blini).

Taking into account there are always interesting cultural events with artists from Russia and Eastern Europe taking place in London and there is a large community of Russians/ Eastern Europeans, I can create an experience around this culture and food (delish!).

Slightly off topic, but related, is my relatively recent discovery of The Samarqand, in the heart of the West End, which is part Kazakh, part Uzbek (hence Central Asian), and where the food is absolutely amazing if you are into meat and some serious dessert (the cakes are to die for). They even have – shhh! – horse meat, if you happen to be into it or willing to try.

I have not been there in a while which I need to rectify asap. As they are next to the Oxford street shopping area and Central London in general, they are easy to reach and there is loads to do around there. So I will have no problem putting a 3 hour experience for you. And voila! yet another alternative experience of London for you, my friends, from London I Know 😉



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