Hotels of London

I said it before. I’ll say it again. I love hotels. Other than the obvious cleanliness without effort and decent food at press of a button, hand lotions in the marble decorated toilets and swanky bars filled with mad men like looking people, there are also spacious, busy lobbies, live music when you are lucky, well mannered personnel and noise, the inimitable buzz, this unique and unforgettable feeling of happening, of adventure… Hotels are like portals to a parallel universe. 

I was at the Reunion Bar at Grosvenor today, nice place. We joked with the bar man about Hibiki which turned out to be a £18.50 a double shot whiskey from Japan. They let me try some, I had Chivas instead. But of course it’s the company that makes the place. It was a lot of fun because of that more than anything.

I haven’t been to many hotels in London, and I have no doubt there are many nice ones. My other favourite is the Mayfair hotel – their bar is other worldly, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Ritz is glitzy but a bit predictable. Langley is posh. They serve nice cocktails at the Trafalgar Square hotel and they are supposed to have a nice roof bar but I always somehow get there during winter. 

I of course judge by bars only. 

A tour around hotel bars is a must, especially in a city like London with so many historic, luxurious and cool hotels. So here you go, just like that, another 3 hour alternative experience for you, and fun at that.


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