Afternoon Tea On The Cheap(ish)

I love afternoon tea. It’s nothing special – sandwiches, cakes and tea – yet somehow this British tradition is just so cool. I’ve tried a few places – Ritz must be my favourite for service and ambience, though it’s also one of the most expensive (£55 ppn!!) and let’s admit it, a bit obvious. Net-a-portea at Berkeley’s was fun, though also not cheap. And somehow there is never any availability at Dorchester’s, although I hear their tea is very good.

Having decided I no longer want to pay extortionate amounts for what is essentially cucumber sandwiches and scones, I have finally been tempted into booking afternoon tea offer on Travelzoo – afternoon tea at Waldorf for two for under £40.

Waldorf Hotel looks beautiful and classy, and we had Gok Wan sip tea at the table next to ours, however none of this could compensate for the poor service. Oh, Ritz! My expectations must have been too high.

Travelzoo were really great though – they checked how it all went and issued me with a discount voucher. With lower expectations and still not willing to pay a fortune for sandwiches and scones, I have booked another experience on Travelzoo, this time at Vertigo 42

Sounds good and if all goes bad, at least there is a view (pray for sun! :))


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