To All Rebels Out There – Aaron Swartz’s Manifesto @ ICA

I kind of did not get news about Aaron Swartz and had no idea who he was, when he got on the news lately, and only recently had time to catch up on what it was all about (thanks, wikipedia). Very inspiring and very sad. Him and his cause reminded me of Julian Assange, of Occupy movements all over the world, of our generation’s fight to make things right, to change the status quo, to create a new order of things in line with our beliefs.

What Aaron did was no doubt controversial, but don’t we need people like this to restore the balance, to remind what’s important, to fight for our rights? He is the new generation’s voice of freedom, the new hero, the new rebel, and kudos to him for that. It’s sad and unfortunate that he was put under so much pressure by all the profit making institutions and watchdogs protecting their interests that he felt he had no choice but take his own life. Do they realise they created a martyr?

There will be a talk dedicated to Aaron’s 2008 Guerilla Open Access Manifesto in ICA, and it’s a must for all the rebels and activists and people with new way of thinking. ICA is walking distance from Charing Cross Station and so easy to get to, tickets are £5 ppn. See you there!


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