Spring in London! New Visitor, New Ideas

Ah, London! There is always something going on. And the sun is finally shining (literally as of now), and I’ve spotted the wonderful snowdrops by the local church, you can tell daffodils will follow shortly, and despite it still being freezing, you just know that spring is around the corner. It seems that the city itself is awakening from the long, dull and cold winter.

Warmer, dryer weather of course means more opportunities to go out and see the city.

I have another visitor coming, for a couple of days, and I want to plan several London I Know experiences. Vertigo 42 afternoon tea has been booked through Travelzoo, it was a good deal, so I am hoping for the view, if all else fails. On my list of other must do’s are a) the stunning Light Show at the Southbank, b) a mind blowing, by the look of it, show Siro-A at the Leicester Square Theatre, which I discovered through sequinsandcherryblossom, c) and an interesting place I discovered today, Thurloe Square in South Kensington, where next to each other are Casa Brindisa, Comptoir Libanais, The Kensington Creperie and Le Pain Quotidien. Technically I could spend a day feeding there 🙂 Very convenient for those who are visiting the NHM, V&A or the Science Museum, or those who have nothing to do 🙂

So the programme is filling up. I have another list of cool London I Know stuff to do, watch out for my next post!


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