All Good Things Come To An End…

The idea of this blog came out of a business idea which I never had time or balls to realise. Similar ideas are cropping up around Europe and US. The main idea was not business however but rather sharing my vision, version of London with likely minded people. Going out together and seeing what this city has got to offer.

And it’s got a lot. London is a beautiful creature. One can spend their lifetime getting to know London and to never be actually quite done. This is probably what’s attracting so many people to it.

Anyway. I have left the UK. The decision has been brewing in me for a while. My corporate job was keeping me busy but also making my life monotonous. I have escaped my job and realised I am a nomad by nature and can’t stay in one place for too long.

So I moved to a beautiful fishing village of Volendam in the Netherlands. And I am starting a new blog which will be dedicated to happiness because this is what I want to focus on this year, not higher income or promotion or any other artificial goals.

I plan to write – I have started my first script based on my sci fi novel, I plan to find a job that makes a difference, I plan to get to know the Netherlands – so far the country looks beautiful and very welcoming. And I will keep you posted on all this on my new blog.

Thanks for liking and following my posts and see you on the new blog!Image


About lolkin

the nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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