The idea came to me when I was abroad alone, on business, and was spending evenings at the hotel because I did not know anyone or the place well enough to explore. If you are in a similar situation in London, on business, for a couple of days and have no idea what to do, yet not content with standard sightseeing options, which are repetitive, boring and over priced, I can offer or design a personalised 3 hour alternative experience of London for you.

Let me know your preferences in advance, then join me for a morning*, afternoon* or evening 3 hour experience of London life. I feature some of the ideas here on my blog, but I can also design something based on your requirements, if it’s safe for both of us, legal and fun for all involved đŸ™‚

I am in beta at the moment, so first 5 friends get their experiences for free. After that it’s £75 for 3 hour experience+ cost of tickets, meals, whatever applies.

This is London I know, let me share it with you.

* weekends only


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